Cheap ski vacations are becoming increasingly popular

The recent economic downturn has forced many avid mountaingoers to find cheap ski vacations if they are going to get any turns in at all. Even those who have not suffered financially are becoming more frugal in their decisions. It seems there has been a turn in attitude in the USA and probably throughout the world when it comes to spending hard earned cash. We still need to have fun and cheap ski vacations can allow you more trips to the resorts.

Whether you work on Wall Street or Main Street, discount ski vacations may be the way to still get to the slopes and clear your head of your busy life. You can save money in several ways and I will help you analyze the best places to cut costs for your ski vacations on a budget. (a tight budget)

We need to analyze what a cheap ski vacation consists of and break the costs into different categories. In order to do so first think about the folowing questions.
  1. How much money do you have to spend for skiing this winter?>
  2. How many days do you want to get in?
  3. Who are you skiing or riding with? Friends? Family? Groups?
  4. Does your life allow you to get in off-peak days?
  5. What types of skiing do you do? Are you a skier or rider? Expert or beginner? What about the others that you will be with?

Okay now that we answered those questions lets break a trip down by cost. The major cost components are:

  1. Lodging
  2. Lift tickets
  3. Traveling
  4. Food and Beer (I mean beverages)
  5. Other-including entertainment-video games for kids-a helmet sticker or whatever
Lodging. Most major ski resorts have on mountain lodging which will include lift passes. While some of these look like a great ski vacation deal on the surface you need to look deeper into it. You pay a premium for on mountain stuff at most places. Look for off mountain places affiliated with the resort and ask about dicounted tickets. The difference in the lodging cost could more than offset the ticket prices. The off mountain places are better if you are not with kids and they are sometimes closer to nightlife depending on where you are.

Lift ticket prices vary drastically at the different New England ski resorts. This can be a huge factor if you plan on skiing or riding several days. Check out each resorts day and multi-day rates. The other thing to look for are special offers like Cannon's 2 for Tuesday. Some places offer discounts to military personnel, police and firefighters and students. Almost every resort offers different pricing brackets for juniors and seniors so look at all the resorts and figure out where you can get the best discount. I provide links to each resort's lift ticket price page on my individual resort pages.

Maximize your rental income with Traveling. Do you live in the Northeast or are you driving from the South or Midwest? Just Google map the resorts and figure out how much gas you will use. If you are traveling far, look for lower priced places along the way to eat or premake sandwiches and eat on the fly

If you are flying into the region do you homework on all the airport options. There are probably more than you think. Also consider drive time from the airport and rental vehicle expense. A New England ski vacation is a little different from some of the Western areas where the access roads to the resorts in New England don't get restricted to "chains only" or "4 wheel drive only" so you may not have to rent a huge SUV.

Food and Beverages. I have cut this to the bare minimum several times. Bring your own food and drinks. Do what the master of cheap ski vacations does and go to your local supermarket a couple days before you are leaving and get breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day. Every resort has brown bag areas. I actually tailgate when the weather is not brutal. Anything above 15 degrees and when the wind is not ripping, I am outside. I can do this because I get to the mountain early and get nice, close parking spaces. As far as I know you won't get a hard time for drinking a beer or 2 either. I never have.

The wildcard is up to you. The less temptation in sight, the less chance of having to dig out the wallet. If you do ski or ride with children, keep them on the slope from first run to last even if you are done. I leave them out even at the larger areas (they are a little older now so its easier) and just stress that they stay in one general area. Maybe just ride up and down one chair and stick together. The more tired they are the less likely they are to cost you money after a day on the slopes!

The links to the right are some suggestions for the areas that could get you more turns per dollar. They are not in any particular order and don't just investigate these areas. Most of the larger resorts are not there so you have to decide for yourself whether or not size matters! You may be able to get 7-8 days instead of 4-5 if you play it smart. Yup. Cheap ski Vacations are the way to go. A cheap ski vacation does not mean you are cheap, just intelligent enough to realize that a few extra minutes of research could get you several more hours or days on the slopes.

If you are lucky enough not to care about cheap ski vacations, click here to view all the New England ski resorts.

Here are some of the best New England ski resorts that are low cost!

Cannon Mountain

Dartmouth Skiway



Smugglers Notch


Black Mountain

King Pine

Balsams Wilderness

Bolton Valley

Tenney Mountain

Great Value Vermont Ski Mountains

Middlebury Snow Bowl


Pico Mountain

Magic Mountain

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